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About Quarrix
building innovation since 1985

At Quarrix, we’re revolutionizing the way people roof. Nearly 30 years ago, we paved our way in the world of building materials with innovations in attic ventilation with our line of ridge vent products. Since then, we’ve expanded our product line to include innovative solutions for the entire roof. Innovation is the hallmark of Quarrix, from composite roofing tiles to soffit vents to pipe flashings (and nearly everything in between), our complete product lineup allows architects, contractors and homeowners to achieve a beautiful roof that is authentically Quarrix.

Quarrix's Beginning

Founded in 1985, Quarrix Building Products has continued to improve the roofing industry with ground breaking innovations. See the company timeline on how we have strived for continuous improvement throughout our history.

Our Company History

Headquartered in Minnesota

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota; we don't just know extreme weather - we live it - and build products to withstand it. Building durable and dependable products that are manufactured in the USA, the Quarrix brand is a leader in high-quality roofing solutions today. Quarrix is a privately-held company of Liberty Diversified International.

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Our Values

For nearly 100 years, our values – Caring, Innovation, Trust, and Excellence – have guided our day-to-day activities. We believe that when our employees are aligned with these values that our customers will always be treated with care and excellence, our products will always be innovative, and we will always be a trusted source in the industry.

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Build Your Career at Quarrix

At Quarrix, you join a family of companies under our parent company, Liberty Diversified International (LDI). Since LDI’s inception in 1918, our values have guided our day-to-day activities. We believe that when our employees are aligned with these values, we create superior solutions and service for our customers.

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Our mission is to create solutions that provide superior performance to protect and enhance your home.