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5 Design Tips to Increase Curb Appeal
architectural style

As the old saying goes, “first impressions last a lifetime”, that is why designing a home with the right architectural curb appeal is crucial to its success. At first glance, your design needs to be pleasant to look at and enjoyable to live in. Drawing attention to key architectural elements will increase the value and enhance the character of the home by creating an inviting atmosphere. Try these five design tips to add timeless charm:

Architectural curb appeal with Quarrix Ridge Vent

1. More dramatic roof lines attainable with Quarrix Ridge Vent

Hip, gable and mansard are a few of the many different basic roof styles on the market today. While a hip roof may be a more appropriate style for a traditional home, the mansard is an iconic classical design. Although each roof style highlights a different architectural aesthetic and likely uses different roofing materials, they all have one thing in common – they need a proper attic ventilation system. Ridge vent is an important part of a home’s architectural curb appeal because it’s virtually invisible from the exterior, eliminating the need for unsightly pot vents. Ridge vent is a key design element because it provides a straight and baffle-free ridge line that enhances the image of the home.

Composite spanish roof tiles

2. Nontraditional composite tile profiles and color combinations

Color plays a huge roll in the overall curb appeal of your design. The exterior colors you choose convey an array of emotions depending upon the hues and dimensions that you select. If you’re aiming to create a space of formality, selecting a symmetrical composition with neutral earth tones can create a warm and inviting feel. It’s also good to keep color in mind when selecting roof material as product profiles are becoming increasingly diverse. If you are looking to design a one-of-a-kind authentic home, Quarrix composite roof tiles are crafted with unique profiles and color combinations that are exclusive to each homeowner. From whimsical and charming to luxurious and lush, Quarrix composite roof tile is the perfect complement to homes in all regions.

Large picture window varying heights

3. Architectural focal points with varying hights

From hoppers and awnings to casement, windows come in all different shapes and sizes that can be customized to suit your client’s demands. Large picture windows may be used as architectural focal points to balance the exterior characteristics and increase natural light in the home. Windows of varying heights allow you to create a stylistic connection between the façade and the roof increasing the homes charm and boosting curb appeal.

Front lawn timeless shrubbery

4. Classic and timesless landscape shrubbery

Landscape helps define the mood of the space and is often one of the first things a buyer or visitor sees upon arrival. Using low-maintenance plants that are native to the region captures a classic style that can easily tie into the homes existing color palette boosting curb appeal and sustainability. Designing a front lawn with timeless shrubbery can complement architectural elements rather than camouflage them.

Stylish Architectural Hardscapes

5. Stylish hardscapes

An often overlooked element of adding curb appeal to your architectural drawings begins before you even get to the front door – driveways, stairs and walks draw in visitors and create a well-disposed walkway. Hardscapes can accent any home by including large masonry features of brick or quaint stone water fountains. The viability of hardscape attributes often depends on the region; certain climates promote better workspaces than others.

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