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Good Ventilation System
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What Is the Importance of a Good Ventilation System?

The high rising temperatures that summer can bring may be causing unwanted wear and tear to your roof structure and shingles. When hot air cannot escape your attic the trapped moisture can encourage premature aging in your roof structure and can also shorten the life span of your shingles. To resolve this issue you need to create a balanced ventilation system.

Prolong the life of your roof

Creating a balanced system begins by installing 50% intake ventilation and 50% exhaust ventilation. This allows hot air to escape and your roof to breathe. Prolonging the life of your roof begins by properly installing Quarrix StormStop Ridge Vent on the ridge and hip of your roof. In addition to adding longevity, Quarrix Rigid Roll can also lower the cost of cooling your home and add overall curb appeal. With Quarrix roof ventilation, it’s what you don’t see that makes your roof look so good. You can install the low profile design beneath all types of roofing materials making it virtually invisible.


Benefits of installing Quarrix StormStop Ridge Vent

· Creates a clean, more attractive roof appearance
· Proven performance keeps attics cool and dry
· Creates a well-balanced air flow that allows your attic to breathe
· Prevents premature shingle ageing
· StormStop® Membrane prevents weather, debris and insects from entering attic space
· UL Class A & C fire resistant

If your home lacks proper ventilation you may be at risk for mold, rotting decks, ice dams and increased home cooling costs. The key to properly ventilating your attic starts by installing Quarrix Rigid Roll.

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