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Quarrix on the TwinWest Chamber Foundation Board

John Nessen, Sr. Product Manager at Quarrix, has been representing LDI on the TwinWest Chamber Foundation Board for the past 14 months. The foundation is a volunteer-led, philanthropic division of the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce, serving communities in the western and northwestern suburbs of Minneapolis. John will serve as Foundation Chair from October 2016 through September 2017.

One way the Foundations supports the community is through its scholarship program. Since 1982, the foundation has provided more than $1 million in scholarships to graduating high school students and adult students from member schools. The program is designed to help students continue their education, advance their careers, and further strengthen their leadership and workforce skills.

As a result of John's expertise in marketing and passion for helping people grow, he has guided a new and innovative approach to the foundation's scholarship strategy. The new program offers TwinWest member companies benefits such as assistance in their workforce development. It also grants larger scholarships and has expanded its reach to include scholarships for students pursuing training certificates, two-year, vocational and other degrees in addition to traditional four-year programs. This helps feed LDI's talent pipeline of skilled labor positions requiring technical degrees or on-the-job study programs.

John says he is proud to represent LDI on the foundation board and gratefully acknowledges his LDI predecessors who have served and who continue to support TwinWest today. In addition to its volunteer support, LDI provides generous financial support, the impact of which John has personally witnessed. "One of the most gratifying aspects of serving on the board is seeing the scholarship recipients speak at the awards banquet. You can tell by listening to them that the program makes a big difference in their lives. It's great to be a part of that."

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