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Composite Tile
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Quarrix Double Roman composite tile provides the same beautiful look as traditional clay and concrete tiles but with the benefits of a lightweight synthetic roof tile material.  67% less weight than traditional roof tiles, Quarrix double barrel roof tile can be installed on existing homes and buildings without needing structural roof modifications that other materials may require. This composite roofing material can be installed in all cold and warm weather climates with no worries of cracking from freeze, frost or hail (class 4 impact rated). Manufactured in the USA and backed by a 50-year warranty, Quarrix composite barrel tile provides beauty and long-term superior performance for peace of mind for the life of the roof.

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Lightweight Design Reduces Installation Costs

67% less weight than traditional clay or concrete tile. Our lightweight roofing material is a premium alternative to clay or concrete tile that offers superior performance without the need to reinforce roof structures. This lightweight design also reduces installation time and shipping costs. When compared to proprietary clay products, Quarrix is the better value for your overall project.

Lasts for the Life of the Roof

Our synthetic Spanish roof tile is backed by a 50-year warranty. The durability of our composite tile is unmatched when compared to traditional clay tile. With a Class 4 impact rating our composite roofing material will not chip or break when hit with golf balls, can be walked on and ensures little to no breakage throughout the installation process.

Approved for All Climates

Quarrix composite barrel tile will not crack and is not susceptible to the same freeze, frost and hail issues of traditional clay or concrete roof tile because it has a 0% water absorption rate & a Class 4 impact rating. This synthetic roofing material provides superior performance in all cold and warm weather climates.

Easy & Safe Installation

Each synthetic tile is lightweight, fast and easy to install weighing only 3.38 lbs. Each piece interlocks, is pre-drilled and features easy-to-read alignment marks. This composite roofing material can be cut, drilled and fastened with standard tile roofing tools and does not contain silica or lead.

A Complete System 

Quarrix created the System Advantage, a line of high-quality roofing components that combat water drainage and poor air circulation in water shedding tile roofs. This full line of roofing accessories include Tile Fasteners, Tile Battens, Universal Tile Flashing, Universal Tile Blocking and more. 

Double Roman Composite Tile Colors

Black Double Roman Composite TileCanyon Earth Double Roman Composite TileSaddle Brown Double Roman Composite TileDesert Red Double Roman Composite TileGoldenrod Double Roman Composite TileSage Double Roman Composite Tile

System Advantage


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Product Specs

  • Overall Dimensions: 13" x 16-1/2"
  • Maximum Exposure: 13-1/2"
  • Tiles/per square: 92
  • Weight/per square: 304 lbs.
  • Impact Rating: Class 4 (FM 4473)
  • Wind-Driven Rain: N/A
  • Burning Brand: Class C
  • Currently not available in Florida
  • Covered by US Patent 6357193


paper2.pngDouble Roman Tile Spec Sheet
 Installation Instructions
Cad2-(1).pngDouble Roman CAD Details
Warranty2.pngComposite Tile Warranty





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