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Soffit Vents
continuous intake

Our soffit vents provide even and continuous air movement along the underside of roof sheathing. They help achieve a balanced ventilation system by providing the required amount of air intake at the eaves. This air intake provides uninterrupted air flow, allowing heat and moisture to be exhausted at the peak of the roof. Our soffit vents are adaptable to a variety of roof applications and are easy to install. Use Quarrix ridge vents and you are assured of the most efficient ventilation system.


Soffit Vents for New Construction

Lighter. Faster. More Durable. Quarrix is the best soffit vent option for new construction. A lightweight vent that is quick to install and lasts a lifetime. Unlike metal that is prone to rust and chip, our soffit vents are made of HDPE and stay looking beautiful for a lifetime. Install the right soffit vent the first time, install Quarrix.

Solve Zonal Issues with Under the Eave Soffits

Quarrix Soffit Vent was engineered to solve the “zonal” ventilation issues found among other undereave soffit intake products. In order to combat zonal ventilation, we developed our soffit vent to provide an even and continuous air intake at the eave to help create a more balanced system. Simply, cut an opening in the eave and place Quarrix soffit vent strip.


Quick Solution for Under Eave Ventilation

No more cutting numerous slots, fitting and screwing eaves into place. Our soffit can be installed with a nail gun for quick installation.

Rigid Design Provides Durability

Made of HDPE plastic, the soffit vent provides maximum durability with its highly rigid design. Can be gun nailed for installation and will not bend, break or warp.

Lightweight Material for Easy Lifting

When installing materials overhead, lighter is always better. The extremely lightweight material of our ridge vent helps for overhead application and makes climbing the ladder easier. Available in 4-foot sections.

Beautiful Eave Every Time

When comparing large metal soffit boxes to Quarrix soffit vents, Quarrix wins for sleek and low visibility. Available in two color options; white or black. Our soffit vents are also paintable to blend in completely to the facade.

Product Specs

  • 9.5" NFA
  • Height: 1 1/2"
  • Widths: 1"
  • 4 ft. sections ( 24 pieces per carton)
  • Made from durable HDPE plastic
  • Part # 20460 /White
  • Part # 20470 /Black
  • Covered by US Patents 7117649 and 6938383


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The Quarrix Alternative to Aluminum 

For continuous intake and the best Net Free Area (NFA), our soffit vent beats out the alternative aluminum vents. Soffit boxes are hard to install and easy to clog. Quarrix's soffit vents are designed to provide continuous intake and low visibility for an attractive under eave appearance and a better way to vent under the eave.

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