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Attic Protection

Ventilation products specifically designed to combat the elements of heat, moisture and Mother Nature in your attic while maintaining a clean and neat architecture on the roof.

StormStop® Ridge Vent

StormStop® ridge vent provides superior protection that stops snow, rain, sand and bugs from entering the attic. Fitted with our patented weather-blocker, this technology allows the material’s exterior surface to repel water so that it beads up and rolls out of vent, while the interior surface remains breathable allowing air and moisture to flow out.

FlowThru Ridge Vent

FlowThru ridge vent provides long-lasting protection that keeps air flowing thru the attic for a healthy home. FlowThru ridge vent ensures air is evenly distributed throughout the attic and at the roof’s highest point to prevent hot, moist air pockets to keep a cool and dry attic.


AtticDefense® Ridge Vent

AtticDefense ridge vent ensures dependable protection and continuous airflow throughout the attic. Made of engineered nylon and designed to be the superior-choice among mesh ridge vents, this vent feels sturdy and wire-like, versus more common soft mesh materials.


OffRidge Intake & Exhaust Vent

OffRidge Intake & Exhaust vent provides on-deck ventilation for hard to vent areas. Perfect for homes with closed, boxed-in soffits, or no overhang, OffRidge allows you to install intake ventilation easily along the bottom third of the roof deck.

ContinU Flow Soffit Vents

ContinUFlow Soffit vent provides uninterrupted air flow under the eave which allows air to be drawn up and into the attic. With six different installation methods, ContinU Flow can be installed anywhere intake ventilation is necessary.

Roof Protection

Innovative, curb-appealing products engineered to maintain a dry roof deck, long-lasting flashings, and durable composite roofing to protect the most vulnerable areas on a roof.

Smart Plug™ Roof Patch

SmartPlug™ Roof Patch is the smartest solution for covering holes in the roof fast. It makes converting from static vents to ridge ventilation products faster and easier than traditional methods.  Place it, nail it, done!


ProBoot Pipe Flashing

ProBoot pipe flashing provides long-lasting, durable protection that stops leaks on the roof from entering the home. Made of all-steel construction and special nylon painted coating, ProBoot will not rust or corrode. 


DryRoof Roof Batten

DryRoof Roof Battens provide superior protection that ensures water drainage and airflow under composite, concrete, and clay tile. Constructed of HDPE plastic, DryRoof Roof Battens are resistant to warping, splitting, mold and mildew.

Composite Roofing

Composite Roofing provides the beautiful look of traditional clay and concrete tiles but with the benefits of a lightweight synthetic roof tile material. 67% less weight than traditional roof tiles, composite roofing can be installed on existing homes and buildings without needing structural roof modifications.

Tile Components

Quarrix tile components provide superior long-term performance for your peace of mind. They provide the foundational support tile roofs need to protect against aging and fail points caused by water drainage, poor air-circulation, mortar joints and challenging roof angles.

Wall Protection

An unseen line of defense, rainscreen products designed to keep walls dry and prevent trapped moisture from accumulating behind cladding - keeping mold and pests away and siding beautiful.

ProTect Furring Strips

ProTect Furring Strips provide long-lasting protection that prevents moisture damage within the walls. Uniquely designed with small air channels that allow bulk water and other moisture to easily escape behind cladding, and air to flow vertically and horizontally keeping the wall assembly dry.

ProTect Drain Mat

ProTect Drain Mat promotes breathability between the walls for a healthy home. Constructed of non-woven material that is 95% open and moisture resistant, ProTect Drain Mat creates a drainage plane for trapped water to run off and an air cavity to promote cross-ventilation and drying.