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Rigid Ridge Vents
most durable ridge vent

Quarrix Rigid Roll® and Rigid Section ridge vent is the most durable and versatile attic ventilation product on the market. Made of crush-resistant HDPE for unbeatable durability and works with a wide variety of roofing materials. It can be installed on the hip and ridge to provide a clean and beautiful roof appearance. Weather is no-challenge for Quarrix ridge vents. The Rigid Roll and Rigid Section include the patented StormStop® Membrane that allows air to flow while preventing all forms of weather from entering the attic space. Quarrix Rigid Roll is available in a 20-foot roll and Quarrix Rigid Section is available in 4-foot sections. Various widths are available and choose between low and high-profile.

Patent Pending

What is Quarrix No Crush Guarantee? Low-profile for an almost invisible appearance What is StormStop Membrane?


Best Curb Appeal with Invisible Profile

Our low-profile ridge vent creates an almost invisible appearance from the ground. Rigid Roll and Rigid Section have the most invisible profile creating a clean and neat roof line for a beautiful roof and greater curb appeal than other roof ventilation products.

Proven Performance You Can Trust

Quarrix ridge vents never stop working for your home. With over 30 years of roofing performance, Rigid Roll and Rigid Section hold numerous patents and industry benchmarks. We're not one to brag but being the most tested and certified ridge vent is performance you can trust.

Combats Weather with StormStop®

StormStop® membrane stops wind driven rain, snow and sleet. This patented filter shields your attic from weather, while still allowing air to flow freely. Because of the unique material and design of StormStop water is repelled and cannot penetrate. It works on stopping pests and bugs from entering the attic, too.

Installs Fast and Easy

Vent can be installed using a coil nail gun. Shingle-over One Pass™ installation installs cap and vent simultaneously in one quick nailing pass. Scored and easy-to-identify cut lines take the guess work out of installation. Lastly, Rigid Roll can be ordered with our without nails, so everything you need for installation is included.

Compatible for Unmatched Versatility

Not all ridge vents can be installed under any material. Our ridge vent is the most compatible and fits underneath the most types of roofing materials; including asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, flat tiles, metal and stone-coated steel.

Wind Tested - Hurricane Approved

Rigid Roll and Rigid Section carry the prestigious Miami-Dade County Stamp of Approval. This gold standard approval is set aside for products that have been independently tested and certified to withstand the high wind speeds of hurricanes. Not only for Miami-Dade County, this approval is revered by California, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and other hurricane prone regions because having Miami-Dade County approval meets the most stringent requirements set forth in the United States on wind resistance.