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Mixed Attic Ventilation
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Can You Mix Roof Ventilation Systems?

No. The general rule of thumb is to install only one type of attic vent per common attic space. Each vent type (box, slant-back and turbine) are designed to move air flow differently through the attic. Mixing vents may cause a short circuit in the system which can lead to weather infiltration and increased energy bills for the homeowner. When installing a new attic ventilation system such as Quarrix StormStop Ridge Vent, it’s considered best practice to remove old vents and patch the holes left behind with Quarrix Smart Plug™ Roof Patch so you don’t negatively affect the air flow passage. However, this does not mean you can’t add to the existing ventilation system. You can increase the intake or exhaust in the attic by adding additional vents of the SAME type. You cannot over ventilate the attic space as long as you adhere to the 1:300 rule and meet the minimum requirements for a balanced system - 50% intake and 50% exhaust.

Balanced Roof Ventilation by Quarrix

A better way to ventilate

The key to creating an effective ventilation system starts by ensuring the air flow has a steady way to enter (intake) and exit (exhaust) the roof. Quarrix Rigid Roll Ridge Vents are the most versatile roof ventilation product on the market. They are compatible with a wide variety of roofing materials including asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, flat tiles, metal and stone-coated steel. Quarrix StormStop Ridge Vent installs on the hip and ridge for a clean appearance that eliminates unsightly vents and baffles to enhance curb appeal.


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